Some of the courses and designations you should consider pursuing.

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Why is it important to pursue more or better education as a real estate professional? Being a real estate professional means you keep yourself educated and, more importantly, continually educated beyond just what’s required for your license.

There are some great designations you can obtain, such as Class GRI, ABR, PSA, and CRS. These designations provide valuable knowledge and elevated education, helping you become a true professional. Elevated education goes beyond everyday working knowledge of real estate and broadens what you learn and apply to your business.

“Pursuing additional designations is an excellent way to extend your knowledge.”

One particularly valuable designation is the CRF, which teaches more than just real estate—it teaches business. This elevates your education level and improves how you apply it in your business. Another useful designation is the PSA, which teaches you how to perform better market analyses and price homes more accurately.

Some other recommended classes include those that deal with marketing and the business of real estate, not just the legal aspects and contract details. Pursuing additional designations is an excellent way to extend your knowledge.

Throughout my entire real estate career, I have been taking classes and accumulating more hours than what was required. I believe this has made me a better real estate agent and equipped me with a vast amount of knowledge to apply in my business, setting me apart from those who only meet the minimum requirements.

Consider expanding your education beyond the bare minimum. This will make you a better real estate agent and a better business person, as you are in business for yourself. Expanding your education is important, and you will benefit from it. If you need help with which classes to take or have any questions about getting higher education, call or email me. I’m always happy to help.