Today we’ll discuss having a CRM. A CRM is a client relationship manager, and it is an important tool for your real estate business. This is going to be your gold mine throughout your years in real estate. There are lots of different CRMs out there. It’s important to have one so that all your people are categorized correctly. In your CRM, make sure you include everyone in your sphere of influence as well as their spouses.

If you don’t know everyone in your sphere of influence and where they live, what their birthdays are, their kids’ names, the kids’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc., this is going to give you an opportunity to touch base with all of those people. When you’re working with your CRM, make sure you’re tagging your clients to keep it user-friendly. If you’ll be doing client events, find out what year they purchased or sold so that you can send a home anniversary card out to them.

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